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Austin, Texas  78704

local: 512.442.4274
toll free: 877.310.8703

Sending Files Electronically Via Holland Photo’s FTP Site

Use our FTP site to transfer your files so that we can download them for imaging or other services.

To use our FTP site, you will need to use a program like Fetch (for Macintosh) or WS_FTP-Home (free trial) or Bulletproof (free trial) for Windows.  Before connecting to the site, put the file(s) you need to upload in a folder on your machine and name it after yourself.  If you are using FireFox on a Mac, you can install the free extension FireFTP and configure the host, username, and password for all connections as follows:

Host name: ftp.hollandphoto.com 

Username: holland 

Password: photo

Set your connection type as passive mode.  From this point, you can upload your folder containing your pictures and printing specifications text file.  Do NOT include credit card information.  You MUST contact us via email or by phone (877-310-8703 or 512-442-4274) to let us know that your file has transferred.

Login to hollandphoto.com ftp site.

Helpful Tips!

We RECOMMEND choosing passive (PASV) mode when FTPing through a firewall or any device doing Network Address Translation (NAT) such as Linksys routers and equivalent.

Use a program such as WinZip when uploading large images. This reduces the file size and the time required to upload.Please include a text file in the folder with:

1.  A list of the files you are sending.

2.  Instructions for the services you are requesting. If no text information is included with the image file, it will be discarded.

3.  Your name, phone number, e-mail address, and shipping address (unless picking up).

4.  How you will be paying for the services if the order is to be shipped (open account, credit card, check, etc.) We use this information to enter an order for you into our system when we retrieve the images. Do not include credit card numbers or non-secure credit information. We can contact you by e-mail or phone for more complete information.

“Put” your folder up to the site or click this hyperlink and copy/drag your folder into the open space of the FTP window.

IMPORTANT: You must call us at 877-310-8703 or 512-442-4274 to let us know you have sent the folder so we can contact you in case the transfer does not go through. You should e-mail hollandorder@gmail.com with instructions and billing information after your files are uploaded.

After your file(s) are sent, close the connection to the FTP site.

We try to move your files from the FTP server as soon as we can.

Trouble using FTP?

Use a file transfer service such as Senduit.com (zip multiple files into one zip file). We will receive an e-mail with a link to your file. Send the link to info@hollandphoto.com and make sure the expiration time is long enough for our customer service to get the file.

Via E-mail

Attach smaller (2 MB or less) files to an e-mail that includes the same information as above. If you are using Picassa or another program that allows sending an attachment from within the program, click on “send original size” as long as the files does not exceed 5 MB. 

Do not attach large files to e-mail. E-mail your files, quantity, size, and surface (glossy, matte, or metallic) instructions to hollandorder@gmail.com.

For FTP, You must call us at 877-310-8703 or 512-442-4274 to let us know you have sent the folder so we can contact you in case the transfer does not go through. We have a broadband connection, so there are no restrictions on file size or type on our FTP site. If you are sending .tif files, DO NOT use LZW compression. We do support the uploading of ZIPPED (.zip or .sit) files to reduce file size and transfer time.