2125-A Goodrich Ave
Austin, Texas  78704

local: 512.442.4274
toll free: 877.310.8703

In April 2006, Austin Prints Photo Lab, Austin's premier B&W photo lab, acquired Holland Photo Imaging.  For more than 20 years, both labs were leaders in the photographic community.  Now under one roof, we offer:

Black and White Film Processing

Our Refrema processor is one of the best dip and dunk film processors in the industry.  We can process film sizes including 35mm, 120, 220, 4x5, and 8x10.  If you have an old or odd-sized film, chances are we can come up with a way to run it through our machine.  We use Ilford Ilfotec DD developer, Kodak's Glacial Acetic Acid stop bath, and Ilford 2000RT fixer.  There are two wash cycles, and the final rinse is a dilution of Kodak Photo-Flo 200 solution.  Control strips are run daily to ensure balanced chemistry. 

Black and White Custom Printing

We are sorry, but our custom B&W darkroom is now closed.